Rule 1 - Avoid direct profanity.
This includes things such as:
-Calling people offensive names

Rule 2 - Respect others.
This includes things such as:
-Hate speech
-Racist/homophobic slurs
-Causing arguments with people for no reason
-Respect people’s boundaries

Rule 3 - No advertising or spam.
This includes things such as:
-Advertising social media accounts / discord servers to people in DMs and on the server
-Saying the same message over and over
-Saying multiple messages within a small time frame

Rule 4 - No AFK or lag machines.
This includes things such as:
-AFK pools
-Machines intentionally made to lag the server
-Auto farms are allowed with a limit to 500 items per hour.

Rule 5 - No Hacked / Modded clients / X-Ray packs / Duplication
This includes things such as:
-Duping items
-X-Raying for materials or hidden areas
-TNT duping is permitted with a limit of 2 per group or base

Rule 6 - No griefing, even if something is unclaimed.

Rule 7 - Do not claim or build near other player’s claims or builds.

Rule 8 - Bypassing bans / ignores, or any other punishment is not allowed.

Rule 9 - Real money in-game transactions are not allowed.

Rule 10 - Gambling machines / Banks should be transparent and fair.
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